It is to the refurbishment sector that we look for a large percentage of our business. We are very experienced at working with our clients, matching their requirements with the products currently available to provide the correct and sensible option for the future of your building.

This is a sector where experience is key to ensure the correct approach is taken to carry out to deliver the amazing end results our clients demand.

Refurbishment of the roof or outer shell will normally fall into two categories depending on the client's budget and requirements.



Working closely with our clients to produce a high level of finish for either a replacement roof or the entire shell, reducing any disruption to the minimum level possible. We remove all non-structural and obsolete roofing, roof lights and cladding systems including the removal and certified disposal of any non-licensed asbestos cement roof and or cladding materials. (Please visit our Asbestos page for more information).

The new roof lights and white underside to roof sheets increase the natural light to the interior of the building.  Our clients express their satisfaction at having a weathertight roof and a reduced power bill, due to the building regulation compliant insulation levels.



If your choice is to leave the current roof and or cladding in place and overclad with a new waterproof covering, we can carry this out too, it is cost-effective in that the disposal of the existing roof sheets is not needed. This option does allow for the insulation to be aligned with current building regulations. The roof lights will be removed and replaced with new (if safe access is possible), modern, clearer lights that add light to the building space below.

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