Trained in Asbestos Health & Safety

All asbestos roofs are hazardous to access as the product always was brittle but now after all these years is thin and very fragile. Do not under any circumstances allow anyone, however experienced they purport to be, access a fragile roof without sight of relevant proof of training and experience or a full set of risk assessments and method statements. It is the equal responsibility of both the tradesman and the building owner to ensure all work is carried out in a correct and safe manner. Failure to follow guidelines set out by HSE may result in damaging consequences. Year on year, there are people being seriously injured or killed due to ill-prepared working practices all ultimately for a day's wages.

We at Tek Clad Ltd are experts at accessing this type of roof safely. All projects are looked at with a safety-first approach and then executed with the correct safety access equipment following a project-specific method statement and risk assessment. All work is carried out by trained experienced competent operatives.

Solutions for asbestos clad roofs and buildings.

Old leaking asbestos cement buildings are now becoming a problem due to the age and progressively fragile nature of the product. Along with this, many fixings and sealant washers have failed along with any end of side lap sealants. These are several ways to try and affect a temporary repair, there are many coating products available that purport to treat or cure leaking asbestos cement roofing and gutters but from our experience, non of these work as a solution.  At best, they offer temporary respite whilst you are planning the permanent recovering of your roof.

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