Until the 1990s, asbestos cement (containing Chrysotile) was used across the country to roof and clad a huge number of buildings. It was not widely known until the 1990s that asbestos was a dangerous material to inhale. Whilst Chrysotile is probably the least dangerous form of asbestos, in 1999 ALL asbestos products were banned from use in construction.

Asbestos cement was originally used because it was strong, durable, cheap, it was quick to use and offered a relatively long lifespan. As the last buildings were constructed in the 1980s/90s, all buildings constructed using this product are without exception beyond their useful lifespan.

Repair is not a financially viable option. In order to carry out a repair you will need to employ a specialist roofer & in order to comply with the HSE working at height legislation provide suitable access equipment. This is costly & time consuming. Invariably if you have one leak in an old roof you will get others very soon after.

If you have rainwater ingress its because the roof is at the end of its life and either in need of over cladding or preferably the asbestos sheets need to be removed and replaced with modern materials insulated to current regulations.

A new roof covered in modern materials & insulation will solve your rain water ingress issues, proved your workforce with a more comfortable working environment (warmer in the winter, cooler in summer) & reduce your heating & cooling bills.



Strip and replace is the better upgrade for any building. This involves stripping away all asbestos cement sheets, fixings, insulation and lining from the building. A replacement new system will then be installed to the existing structural frame.

When complete the new cladding will offer a weather tight roof that will be insulated to current regulations, have improved internal light conditions giving the building a revitalised & modern look.

You will also be able to take comfort from the fact that all asbestos roofing and or cladding materials will have been safely removed and disposed of in a bonded skip to a certified disposal site.

Benefits of strip and replace

  • There will be no asbestos left within the roof or cladding system of the building.
  • The new roof will resolve all previous leaks.
  • The roof / cladding will now present as new inside as well as out.
  • The stripped areas will be brought up to current insulation u-values reducing energy bills and carbon footprint.
  • The value of the building could increase.
  • A useable lifespan of the roof / cladding is generally 20-40 years depending on the product chosen and building location.
  • Many different products are available which could dramatically change the appearace and the image of the building or prepare the building for a change of use.

Benefits of Over Cladding

  • Limited disruption to the inside of the building.
  • More cost efficient.
  • Offers the roof and cladding materials a new life span.
  • Your building will comply with current insulation u-values saving on energy bills and carbon footprint.



The process of over sheeting a roof is a lot less disruptive to your day-to-day business and generically consists of providing temporary access, lay the insulation then over sheet.

Over cladding is the more affordable of the two permanent options, with overclad the existing asbestos cement sheets are retained on the structure and are covered by the new sheeting system. This does pose a new question and that is the ability of the existing structure to take the weight of the new insulation and sheets. This can be determined by us in the first instance but will need to be backed up by an engineer's calculations before work starts. We will be able to arrange this for you. However, the normal daily working routine inside your building can normally continue to a large degree. Again, we would expect you to experience an increase in light from the replaced roof lights and a reduced carbon footprint and associated utility bills due to the increased insulation.

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