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Do you need your cladding or industrial roof repaired?

Many existing industrial buildings often suffer from damage or in time the odd leak. Tek Clad are more than happy to carry out repairs to damaged cladding as well as trying to cure any leaks. Which we must stress this is often like trying to find a needle in a hay stack!



Many Commercial properties over their life time end up with a change of use which often results in the building needing to be altered. We can assist with the fitment of new doorway and window openings, roof pitch changes and extensions.


Gutter Linings:

Internal or external gutters often suffer from leaks during the buildings life span. This can cause all manner of damage and problems to whatever is kept within the building. Often these are repaired with many different materials including felt and various sealants. These often do not work or fail within a short period of time.  We are able to install very good quality rubber gutter linings to existing gutters which shall stop these leaks.
We also install these in many of our new build and refurbishment developments to insure that the gutters are problem free for many years to come.


Roof Light Replacement:

There are several different roof light options to be fitted to a building including Perspex, Polycarbonate and GRP. Over time these often become a place for leaks to occur or they simply get very dirt and discolour stopping a large amount of potential natural light from entering the building. The replacement of these roof lights can transform the internal working space of any building by letting so much more natural light in. By doing this it is often not necessary to have internal lighting on nearly as much and making the building a nicer environment for staff members to work in.
We install good quality GRP lights to roofs which will give another long lease of life.


Flat to Pitch Conversions:

Flat roofs are often a basis for problems and short life spans. Tek Clad Ltd are able to install flat to pitch roof conversion frame work to a flat roof and then install a wide range of alternative roof coverings to suit the buildings need and appearances.

Contact us today to discuss your project in detail we look forward to hearing from you.


Dorset Office: 01305 770 433

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Dorset Office: 01305 770 433