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Through the country there are countless amounts of buildings constructed and cladded using asbestos cement products. In its day asbestos cement was a sound, strong and durable method of cladding and building quickly and cost effeicenelty and with a long life span. Fibres of mostly White Chrysotile combined with cement where manufactured in many different profiles for different applications until the early 1980’s when the side effects of asbestos products has come to light.
Since which time Fibre cement products have replaced them.  

Old leaking asbestos cement buildings are now becoming a problem due to the fragile nature of the product. Along with this many fixings and sealant washers have failed along with any end of side lap sealants. There are several ways to try and repair or solve the problems of asbestos cement roofing and cladding. There are many coating products available to treat or cure leaking asbestos cement products but from our experience most of these don’t seem to stand up to the test of time or guarantee a leak free solution.


Strip and replace:

This is for sure the best option for any building as when complete the cladding will be in an as new condition. This process consists of stripping all asbestos cement sheets, fixings, insulation and lining from the building and then replacing with new coated steel products.


There are many advantages for this option:

• There is no asbestos left with in the cladding system of the building.
• The new roof is sure to cure all previous leaks
• The building will now look like new inside as well as out.
• The stripped areas will be brought up to current insulation u-values reducing energy bills & carbon
• The value of the building should increase dramatically.
• A useable life span of the building starts again.
• Many different products available to carry this out which could dramatically change the appearance and the image of the building for a different use.


Over cladding:

As much as strip and replacement of a building is the best chose as with everything in life it comes with a price. This is not just financially but also on the impact that the work could have on the use of the building during the time the work is being carried out.
Over cladding then comes in to its own.

Advantages of over cladding are:

• Limited disruption to the inside use of the building.
• More cost Efficient
• Offers the building a new life span.
• Brings the building up to current insulation u-values saving on energy bills and carbon footprint.

At Tek Clad Ltd we have a very good understanding of all asbestos cement cladded buildings and have over cladded or stripped and replaced many buildings all with very positive results. Our workforce our UKATA trained for non-licenced removal and understand all the dangers of working with such products.

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